Definition of of one's own making in English:

of one's own making


(also of one's making)
  • (of a difficulty) caused by oneself.

    ‘he faces a dilemma substantially of his own making’
    • ‘It was those ‘who decided not to accept that offer’ who are now faced with difficulties of their own making, he said.’
    • ‘The respondent submits that the applicant's difficulties are of his own making.’
    • ‘However, we have tried to turn a difficult situation not of our making into an opportunity.’
    • ‘Mention of the Stamford Bridge club brings into focus a difficulty for Fletcher that is not of his own making.’
    • ‘We appear caught in a new type of security dilemma of our own making.’
    • ‘I say to the Labor Party, this is a problem of your own making.’
    • ‘If you make a mistake, you apologise. You do not denigrate someone else to get yourself out of a hole of your own making.’
    • ‘‘Do not,’ I said, ‘say there is no problem when I'm in the middle of a problem of your making.’’
    • ‘Walk away from a mess that is none of your making.’
    • ‘Now I know that there is no way to get over the trauma of my own making but by myself.’