Definition of of one's own volition in English:

of one's own volition

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(also by one's own volition)
  • Voluntarily.

    ‘they choose to leave early of their own volition’
    • ‘I know, and it would be a different situation if we had made the choice of our own volition to stay here.’
    • ‘Their eagerness to earn the trust and goodwill of their customers becomes conspicuous when they, on their own volition, urge customers to have a look at the meters to ensure that they get the right quantity of petrol for their money.’
    • ‘I believe that they did it on their own volition.’
    • ‘But most of them are going on their own volition.’
    • ‘My understanding is that he's there on his own volition.’
    • ‘We recently had more than 200 pupils staying on after school to do sport of their own volition.’
    • ‘A prison was one of the most detested of places, one to which people did not come of their own volition, but because they had been brought there much against their will.’
    • ‘Eventually the offenders left of their own volition.’
    • ‘What I don't like is that some truly great people have left the company, not of their own volition.’
    • ‘We're not forced to live here; we live here of our own volition.’
    of one's own free will, of one's own accord, of one's own choice, of one's own choosing, by choice, by preference, by one's own preference
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