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of the essence

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  • Critically important.

    ‘time will be of the essence’
    • ‘But with such a worrying deadline, speed is of the essence for the company.’
    • ‘I suppose I don't need to say that speed is of the essence here, but I will anyway.’
    • ‘For the critically ill or injured time may be of the essence.’
    • ‘I'm a great believer that once you decide what to do, speed is of the essence.’
    • ‘In a lot of what we did speed was of the essence, but we didn't really understand the concept of time.’
    • ‘Obviously speed is of the essence in this case if such an application is to be made.’
    • ‘Time is of the essence, especially when you're live on air.’
    • ‘Doesn't the Government realise that time is of the essence?’
    • ‘Time is of the essence because of the enormity of the state's pollution problems.’
    • ‘The meeting was hastily arranged because time was of the essence.’
    vital, essential, indispensable, crucial, key, necessary, needed, required, called for, requisite, important, all-important, vitally important, of the utmost importance, of great consequence, critical, life-and-death, imperative, mandatory, compulsory, obligatory, urgent, pressing, burning, compelling, acute, paramount, pre-eminent, high-priority, significant, consequential
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