Definition of off-dry in English:



  • (of wine) having a nearly dry flavor, with just a trace of sweetness.

    ‘Not much of this wine is produced any more, but what is left is a dry or very slightly off-dry wine that can be a perfect aperitif wine and to go with appetizers.’
    • ‘Among reds, simple, fruity wines such as Beaujolais work best, while off-dry rosés are tailor-made for spices.’
    • ‘This isn't the easiest dish in the world to partner, but I reckon you need something spicy and off-dry to cope with the flavours on offer here.’
    • ‘Aromatic off-dry whites make fine summer swiggers, equally good as aperitifs and spicy food wines, and this mouthwatering, musky, aniseed-spiked Aussie muscat is one of the best.’
    • ‘This brilliant, soft, grapey, off-dry white reminiscent of spiced apples will go perfectly with a Thai-inspired stir-fry.’



/ˈôfˌdrī/ /ˈɔfˌdraɪ/ /ˈäfˌdrī/ /ˈɑfˌdraɪ/