Definition of off-patent in English:


Pronunciation /ôf ˈpatnt/ /ɔf ˈpætnt/ /ˈäf ˈpatnt/ /ˈɑf ˈpætnt/


  • No longer subject to patent restrictions.

    ‘firms legally mass-produce off-patent products’
    • ‘Worse yet, drug companies lack economic incentives to run expensive clinical trials for existing drugs that are off-patent or nearing patent expiration.’
    • ‘Many are wondering why the two organizations have decided to start with a wetting agent study, as opposed to organic products or off-patent versions the drug.’
    • ‘Many drugs which are off-patent will be unaffected by the 2005 deadline for the product patent regime.’
    • ‘She added that the company was not satisfied with the explanations so far about plans to protect future sales of the drugs, which are now off-patent.’
    • ‘The company also licenses in products from other drug developers and drugs that are off-patent which it feels complement its targeted areas.’
    • ‘That is, although Americans pay higher prices for name-brand drugs than citizens in other developed countries, Americans pay lower prices for off-patent drugs.’
    • ‘Claritin goes off-patent in December, and it's become increasingly clear that its replacement isn't going to even come close to picking up the slack.’
    • ‘Four old off-patent antibiotics - isoniazid, ethambutol, rifampicin and pyrazinamide - are the mainstays of first-line tuberculosis treatment.’
    • ‘Under the banner ‘the same, but cheaper,’ the stores sell knockoffs of widely prescribed off-patent drugs, often for one-fourth the price charged by rivals.’
    • ‘For instance, the company had planned to begin selling Xigris, a first-of-its-kind treatment for sepsis, by October, its first drug launch after Prozac goes off-patent.’
    • ‘When Claritin goes off-patent, it's not going to matter whether or not the word ‘loratadine’ is on everyone's lips; its sales are going to tank anyway.’
    • ‘Captopril and enalapril are off-patent, which makes them more economical.’
    • ‘In 2002, the first full year that Prozac was off-patent, the average price of antidepressants rose less than 2%.’
    • ‘It is unlikely the pharmaceutical companies would file applications with the FDA for this indication, given that tramadol is almost off-patent.’
    • ‘Some countries currently produce these drugs off-patent in order to provide affordable drugs to their populations.’
    • ‘Sales are weakening as hot sellers come off-patent.’
    • ‘There are about 200 off-patent drugs currently being used in children.’
    • ‘Other, off-patent antibiotics may be superior and are certainly cheaper.’
    • ‘Both these are largely designed to replace drugs that the companies already had which are going off-patent.’
    • ‘What's more, none of Novartis' major moneymakers is set to go off-patent soon.’


  • Out of patent restrictions.

    • ‘the drug has gradually come off-patent’