Definition of off-ramp in English:



North American
  • A sloping one-way road leading off a main highway.

    • ‘There are expressways, smaller lanes, on-ramps and off-ramps and intersections.’
    • ‘Looking out at chain-link fences, gantry cranes, and a highway off-ramp at the edge of San Francisco Bay, I am in a very unlikely site to appreciate nature.’
    • ‘Motion adaptation can also cause problems when a driver exits a highway and enters an off-ramp, said Dr. Gray.’
    • ‘The job involved building four on- and off-ramps plus the County Road 37 overpass over State Route 15, a four-lane highway.’
    • ‘In addition to the new bridge deck, work this summer on the $84.2 million Fort Pitt project included replacing aging tunnel tiles, repaving roads and rebuilding off-ramps.’
    • ‘Work is under way on the construction of new on- and off-ramps from the M1 highway, to give direct access to Newtown for motorists from the north and south of the city.’
    • ‘One script, called The Rose Girl, centred on young women who stand at traffic lights or motorway off-ramps selling flowers to commuters.’
    • ‘One suggestion I've heard is to run the race along Aotea Quay between the highway off-ramp and the railway station.’
    • ‘Compare that with current plans to accommodate a fleeting parade of tourists by constructing directional signposts, parking lots, interpretive waysides and even new freeway off-ramps.’
    • ‘Arriving a few minutes late, I saw a freeway off-ramp blocked by debris and large objects (old sofas, etc).’
    • ‘Also closed on the day of the show will be the southbound Highland Avenue off-ramp from the 101 Freeway.’
    • ‘And when I took the off-ramp, the Mustang was glued to my tail.’
    • ‘When you finally realise you have to change lanes to make your off-ramp, you indicate.’
    • ‘They don't think widening McKnight Boulevard to six lanes between 4th Streets East and West with its associated off-ramps will ease traffic congestion.’
    • ‘Mitch swerved the car down an off-ramp, and screeched the tires onto a road.’
    • ‘He swerved onto the off-ramp and drove down, pulling onto the Zack's street.’
    • ‘Use major highways where traffic flow is separated by medians, and access is controlled by on-and off-ramps.’
    • ‘I hooked my A4 around and took the Pico off-ramp.’
    • ‘To add onto that there was an off-ramp to my right.’
    • ‘He had to catch an off-ramp that led him along a long, wooded, two-way road that eventually led to his destination.’