Definition of off-road in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔf ˈˌroʊd/

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  • Away from a smooth road; on rough terrain.

    ‘only one in eight 4x4 owners has ever driven off-road’
    • ‘One promising option was the planned off-road rural sports park on forestry land at the top of the Pyes Pa Direct Rd.’
    • ‘The route will be mainly off-road and beginners are welcome.’
    • ‘I asked how many prosecutions there had been for off-road and illegal bikers in our area.’
    • ‘I do hope this is just the beginning of many other safe off-road cycle paths in York and the surrounding area.’
    • ‘The vehicle is built with adventure in mind and offers better off-road ability than an average sedan.’
    • ‘There will also be quad bikes and a 4x4 off-road area where visitors can drive vehicles.’
    • ‘This vehicle copes with severe off-road conditions without complaint, but on the road it is slightly disappointing.’
    • ‘The parish council has suggested that an off-road cycle path is provided alongside the road separated from the road by a small hedge or grass verge.’
    • ‘We have all seen those SUV commercials that glorify the vehicle's off-road capability.’
    • ‘The SUSV is a lightweight tracked vehicle specifically designed for off-road movement in the snow.’
    • ‘There is a place for off-road cycle lanes, but cyclists have the right to use the road as much as anyone else.’


  • (of a vehicle or bicycle) designed for use over rough terrain.

    ‘research on damage from off-road vehicles’
    • ‘If you own a 4x4 vehicle or an off-road motorcycle you will need to be road legal to drive on these byways, in the same way you would on any other road.’
    • ‘Police are using an off-road vehicle unit to crackdown on quad bike nuisance.’
    • ‘They hope that this will help to prevent further damage by off-road vehicles, motorbikes, quad bikes and 4x4s.’
    • ‘The fuel is normally used in off-road vehicles, on farms and in boats, and is much cheaper than normal pump prices as it is not subject to the same tax.’
    • ‘Motorists using off-road vehicles in the countryside without permission will be banned from driving.’
    • ‘They were instrumental in bringing about the 10 mph speed limit ban on Windermere and are trying to ban off-road vehicles.’
    • ‘He has designed and is building an off-road vehicle in his garage so he can go off-roading with his friends.’
    • ‘If you want to add a warrior look to your off-road vehicle, adding a grille guard can be an easy and affordable way to achieve it.’
    • ‘It is a very capable off-road vehicle that is hampered by its lack of fuel-carrying capacity.’
    • ‘Police are using a spy van and off-road bikes to crack down on crime on the railways.’
    • ‘Bradford Council's anti-social behaviour team is paying for two off-road bikes to help police clamp down on offenders in Bradford.’
    • ‘Whenever I drive an off-road car down the motorway I'm always mildly terrified that I might have to swerve for something.’
    • ‘An example would be riding an off-road motorcycle over jumps and through the mud.’
    • ‘I'm just fortunate enough that I grew up racing off-road cars and it taught you a lot of car control.’
    • ‘It is supposed to be an off-road car that you can use on the road.’
    • ‘As he was crossing the road, a yellow off-road motorcycle, covered in mud, travelled down the street at speed on one wheel.’
    • ‘Anti-social off-road bikers could have their vehicles seized if they continue to ride illegally.’
    • ‘Volkswagen is introducing the new Touareg luxury off-road vehicle to the market this autumn.’
    • ‘So he decided to build his own off-road utility vehicle in his backyard workshop.’
    • ‘Although it weighs only 32 pounds, the Mini Baja off-road vehicle is strong enough to pull a tractor.’