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‘When off-roaders realise they've discovered a lost highway they must throw their crash helmets in the air with joy.’
  • ‘When they do, it will be helpful if people who encounter off-roaders who disregard the prohibitions will report the violations to the police.’
  • ‘For your €44,855, you get a vehicle which is one of the most competent off-roaders in the world.’
  • ‘It doesn't have all those bull bars and monster-truck looks of some off-roaders.’
  • ‘I disagree strongly with the answer in last week's Car Clinic regarding the comparative merits of a 4x4 off-roader and a car with four-wheel drive in snowy conditions in a hilly area.’



/ˈôfˈrōdər/ /ˈɔfˈroʊdər/ /ˈäfˈrōdər/ /ˈɑfˈroʊdər/