Definition of off-screen in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔf ˈˌskrin/

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(also off screen)
  • 1Not appearing on a movie or television screen.

    ‘he drawls to an off-screen interrogator’
    • ‘For me, the comparison would seem to be most valid when it comes to the two auteurs' preoccupations with off-screen space.’
    • ‘With surround sound, filmmakers are able to explore not only what lies immediately to the sides of the screen but in the entire off-screen space.’
    • ‘The cartoon short that proceeded the film, Cracked Ice, also featured a self-reflexive joke, an off-screen heckler that we can hear on the soundtrack.’
    • ‘Streep is very good as Joanna, though she's off-screen so much that her character almost seems to be even lower than supporting.’
    • ‘In as far as the body of the actor remains off-screen, the performance is rendered at a purely vocal level.’
    • ‘There are too many moments in the film during which Barb seems to overtly threaten, or at least mock, her off-screen viewers.’
    • ‘In such scenes, the director leaves the therapist as an off-screen presence, thus openly inviting the audience to consider the questions that Harvey raises.’
    • ‘It gains intensity and volume as the sound of Julie's shoes disappear, fading out in the off-screen distance.’
    • ‘In contrast to Ingmar Bergman's massive close-ups of the face in which the subject stares straight out at the viewer, here on- and off-screen subjects gaze ahead at the same vista.’
    • ‘Thus, his memory of Lisa is mediated by this black-and-white videotape recording which includes significantly the off-screen presence of Christina.’
    • ‘Scene after scene I kept imagining some off-screen trainer with a grub in his hand, prodding Link to do his bidding.’
    • ‘By keeping the specter of the father's death off-screen, he deepens each scene.’
    • ‘No less impressive is the sound design, which is seemingly standard, but upon closer examination reveals a developed awareness of off-screen space and spatial relations.’
    • ‘Sampredro, wearing large dark sunglasses and sitting in his hotel room, addresses someone off-screen, and it's implied that Jarmusch is behind the camera.’
    • ‘Haggar displays fine use of mise-en-scene, and the film-maker/academic Noël Burch has emphasised his effective use of off-screen space.’
    • ‘Set in a monastery where Pellegrina lies dying late in the story, the first scene shows Marcus telling her story to Lincoln Forsner and others off-screen.’
    • ‘It is generally considered good form for actors to perform their lines even when they're off-screen as it helps motivate their on-screen co-star.’
    • ‘As with the example from Jurassic Park, the camera movement in this long take creates a structural relation between on-screen and off-screen space.’
    • ‘Throughout the film, Amenábar effectively plays out the dynamics of onscreen / off-screen space to constantly promise the visualization of gory imagery to frustrate it invariably.’
    • ‘As visual elements are introduced, brought from off-screen and into on-screen space, their sounds, too, appear - even if, logically, those sounds are already there in the space to be heard.’
    1. 1.1Happening in real life rather than fictionally on-screen.
      ‘they were off-screen lovers’
      • ‘The photo caught a clash between off-screen reality and her on-screen image.’
      • ‘This on-screen team became an off-screen team on New Year's Eve, 1947.’
      • ‘There are no visible joins to Kelly's on-screen and off-screen personas.’
      • ‘Test your knowledge of their on-screen and off-screen triumphs, tragedies, and occasional tackiness by matching a dozen fun factoids with the correct diva.’
      • ‘Although he has been in the news more for his off-screen activities rather than on screen dynamics, this is clearly going to be an eventful year for the actor.’
      • ‘He claims he is able to compartmentalize his relationships with on and off-screen lovers.’
      • ‘She is about to be ogled on-screen by her off-screen husband, erotic novelist and master photographer Georges.’
      • ‘They have enjoyed a long and fruitful on-screen and off-screen collaboration, but this may be their swansong.’
      • ‘Her agent wanted to salvage her career, and capitalize on the duo's on-screen and off-screen chemistry.’
      • ‘The on-screen relationship seems to have cultivated some off-screen affections as well.’
      • ‘Only, years of yearning to become an on-screen hero has made him the off-screen pain-in-the-neck.’
      • ‘According to the actor, their on-screen banter is mirrored by his off-screen friendship with his co-star.’
      • ‘However volatile their off-screen relationship may have been, on screen they complement each other rather well.’
      • ‘In spite of her off-screen antics, she remains the darling of Disney remakes, with her on-screen innocence and charm.’
      • ‘The popular television show has generated off-screen controversy.’
      • ‘Publicity for the film made much of the way in which the off-screen affair between the two actors mirrored the relationship they now played out on screen.’


(also off screen)
  • 1Outside what can be seen on a movie or television screen.

    ‘the girl is looking off-screen to the right’
    • ‘There is an internal struggle between him and his superiors that takes place almost entirely off-screen and results in a ridiculous, violent finale.’
    • ‘As she dresses off-screen after being with a client, she smiles, as if satisfied, but gradually her guard drops and a searing sadness transforms her face.’
    • ‘The camera frames Cui and Zu'er arguing; Cui exits off-screen, and Zu'er calls out to him.’
    • ‘The scene ends with a medium shot of Mr. Dennis casting a desiring look in the direction of Wanda off-screen.’
    • ‘Though the film hints at the mighty struggle the Kers went through building Coorain, too much happens off-screen and too much is given short shrift.’
    • ‘While gazing off-screen left, she talks to Sam behind her screen right.’
    • ‘Although the violence in the film mostly occurs off-screen, its implied glass-eating scene got the film in trouble with the Hollywood Code watchdogs.’
    • ‘I think in some cases it's better to have something occur off-screen, just like in a lot of drama - it looms larger that way.’
    • ‘Several of the murders, which would be the centerpieces of similar American films, occur off-screen.’
    • ‘Marissa's disclosure to best-friend Summer happened off-screen, denying her character the opportunity to speak about her experience directly to the viewer.’
    • ‘However, after Haynes shoots Pugh off-screen in a cornfield, the film transforms into a road movie where character development supersedes action.’
    • ‘Key events sometimes occur between scenes, or just off-screen; our only access to them then comes through competing accounts, each with their own partial perspective and wily agenda.’
    • ‘Most of the ‘big’ scenes take place off-screen, and while that approach avoids melodramatics, it also avoids dramatics too.’
    • ‘Makowski's framing is consistently laughable - several times we sort of see characters do things, but not really, because the key part of the shot occurs just off-screen.’
    • ‘The extreme violence takes place off-screen, and very little is shown of the aftermath.’
    1. 1.1In real life rather than fictionally in a movie or on television.
      ‘happy endings rarely happen off-screen’
      • ‘Jeter's experience with the critically acclaimed film has provided him with some fairly miraculous moments off-screen as well.’
      • ‘So what if the chemistry between the actors spilled off-screen from their on-screen pairing during the film?’
      • ‘But as Leider's impressive research and masterful writing shows, off-screen he was full of contradictions.’
      • ‘I have understood that one needs to move beyond star-status and do good things off-screen.’
      • ‘The brother's share a great rapport off-screen and the equation on the sets was no different.’
      • ‘Since I know little about Eastwood's life off-screen I was happy to sit down for a retrospective on his career.’
      • ‘The actor may be best known as the unshakeable, and unstirrable spy, but off-screen he is modest to the point of shy.’
      • ‘His stay was entertaining on-screen and uneventful off-screen.’
      • ‘They are rumored to be piecing it together off-screen, but onscreen it's all about calling it quits.’
      • ‘The whole effort to deglamorise the use of tobacco on-screen to reduce its consumption off-screen seems futile.’
      • ‘Competition to be the thinnest off-screen reflected the edgy relationship between female characters on-screen.’
      • ‘But it was just as much what Harris did off-screen as what he did on-screen that made him famous.’
      • ‘Was the chemistry between you and Téa Leoni as strong off-screen as it appears on it?’
      • ‘He's got some new projects for the silver screen and his work off-screen is truly golden.’
      • ‘He has carried on playing his music off-screen, appearing on Top of the Pops in 1994 with the Irish band the Pogues.’
      • ‘The first series of Lost finished in the UK a few days ago, and we can safely say that anything happening to the cast off-screen is infinitely more interesting than their on-screen exploits.’