Definition of off-season in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔf ˌsizən/

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(also offseason)
  • 1A time of year when a particular activity, typically a sport, is not engaged in.

    ‘during baseball's winter off-season’
    • ‘She will spend the off-season playing overseas.’
    • ‘To ensure that she was bringing her own best, Holdsclaw, 25, decided to spend part of the off-season playing overseas in Korea.’
    • ‘Toronto has a Blue Jay Caravan that in the off-season goes across Canada putting on baseball clinics.’
    • ‘She is spending the off-season working on her game.’
    • ‘Each year the Babe would report for spring training hugely overweight after an off-season indulging in food, booze and women.’
    • ‘I love how Jamison came to Dallas in the off-season expecting to be a starter, moved to the bench following the trade for Walker, and hasn't complained one bit.’
    • ‘He has spent his off-season clearing out all those either not good enough or not willing enough to play for Newcastle.’
    • ‘But with a tumultuous off-season looming, Bateer's return to Denver is far from a sure thing.’
    • ‘The general manager went into the off-season looking for a leadoff hitter, cleanup hitter and closer.’
    • ‘Helio spent the off-season playing tennis with presidents, among other things.’
    • ‘But unlike most, who spend a good deal of the off-season binging on their favorite treats, his preparation doesn't include much more than a little fine-tuning.’
    • ‘There is a myth that teams spend the off-season resting or on vacation.’
    • ‘Rest assured that as the off-season looms, I will continue to get my life in tip-top shape for next year.’
    • ‘The diminutive front-man has not kicked a ball in anger since breaking his leg in September last year but has been training during the off-season in a bid to be ready for the start of the new campaign.’
    • ‘During the off-season I usually train abs three times a week, with at least one day of rest in between.’
    • ‘Agar, who has given the players a maintenance training programme for the off-season, admitted the players had little time for recuperation, but this was across the board in the National League.’
    • ‘This could come in handy during the AFL's off-season.’
    • ‘The winter of 2002-2003 has been an especially busy off-season for me.’
    • ‘We wish our fans and fellow racers a happy and healthy off-season and wonderful start to the new year.’
    • ‘He signaled to the coach that during off-season he wanted to get better and to do so in a deliberate way.’
    1. 1.1A time of year when business in a particular sphere is slack.
      as modifier ‘off-season rates’
      • ‘The off-season rate made it a great deal: For two nights with 10 percent hotel tax, the tab came to $173.80.’
      • ‘Prices in season can often be Manhattan-high, with hotel rooms going for double and triple their off-season rate.’
      • ‘The company has expanded its vegetable line of products to take advantage of the off-season market in the European Union.’
      • ‘Facilities open next month, but if you contact them before May 1, you can get off-season rates per person or group.’
      • ‘For their part, travel companies are slashing their already low off-season rates.’
      • ‘The camp could also boost revenues by adding off-season weekend sessions and leasing camp facilities to religious and nonprofit groups.’
      • ‘Once upon a time, the resident camp directors spent the off-season preparing for a few intensive summer months.’
      • ‘Many fish harvesters, in fact, must continue to supplement their fishing income with off-season trade employment.’
      • ‘The Society is offering an off-season sales bargain for about 20 days.’
      • ‘Since it will be hosted in October, the event will serve as a nice off-season boost for the area and is an occasion that should create huge local interest.’
      • ‘They needed part-time help, and I needed a part-time off-season job.’
      • ‘And, research your travel destination thoroughly to determine if traveling in the off-season makes sense.’
      • ‘During off-season dealings, when home loans are in less demand, lenders are more likely to waive some of the fees they typically charge.’
      • ‘Visitor numbers were already sliding at the Minster, in common with other cathedrals, and it remains to be seen how low the figures will sink in the quieter off-season period.’
      • ‘This is as touristy as it gets on Tobago, with a few tour buses and a handful of beach shacks selling souvenirs - more like a quiet off-season day in any other part of the Caribbean.’
      • ‘It is a major off-season boost for the town's hospitality trade and underlines the ever growing importance of the college to the area's economy.’
      • ‘Hermano invites the ‘couple’ to join him for a few days at an off-season resort.’
      • ‘Also, off-season rental can be as much as 30% less than during the peak summer season.’
      • ‘Most major beer companies plan their seasonal promotions a full year in advance and they focus on off-season holidays as well as the big ones.’
      • ‘This means studying before and after class as well as spending part of the summer and off-season preparing for the next semester.’


(also offseason)
  • In or during the off-season.

    ‘he never trains off-season’
    • ‘Perhaps because they were hiking off-season, with no rangers to check their progress, the boys did not sign the Goat Haunt registration book.’
    • ‘It's not so bad off-season but sadly known as a place frequented from time to time by car thieves.’
    • ‘For the selfish traveller though, it might be more appealing off-season, when you don't have to share its attractions with the hordes spilling out from their beachside apartments.’
    • ‘But when you go there off-season, there's almost nobody there.’
    • ‘Many of these products are not commonly available, are grown off-season to US production, or are more cheaply produced overseas.’
    • ‘Before his trip to the States, the only clothing Alex could find to fit his massive body when his weight went up off-season was from stores catering to the obese.’
    • ‘Usually we went there off-season when the water was too cold for swimming and the boardwalk attractions in Point Pleasant had closed.’
    • ‘Natives claim they have a right to fish off-season.’
    • ‘I do this only when I'm getting ready to compete - I don't need to torture myself off-season, too!’
    • ‘I get exactly 316 grams of protein a day, a bit more than 1 gram per pound of bodyweight off-season.’
    • ‘I agree, hotel prices there are astronomical off-season which I think is odd.’
    • ‘Churchill officials expect the suites to be used off-season for meetings, weddings, and receptions.’
    • ‘Without this premium, it is clear that no producer could justify supplying milk off-season.’
    • ‘These you can make yourself or pick up at yard sales or clearance sales off-season.’
    • ‘None of the milk was transported off the island and it was often thrown away when demand dipped off-season.’
    • ‘In his infectious enthusiasm for the event, Mayor Rybak purchased roller skis to practice off-season for the City of Lakes Loppet.’
    • ‘The festival is part of the same process, attracting visitors off-season and introducing them to the delights of the area.’
    • ‘The holiday I'm about to describe should be taken annually, off-season, with large doses of sloth and solitude.’
    • ‘We follow Bell as he winds up his first losing season ever, to the intense recruiting off-season.’
    • ‘Overnight rates collapse and bargain offers abound off-season, and the weather disadvantage is not so great.’