Definition of off-site in English:


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  • Taking place or situated away from a particular place or site.

    ‘steaks are now being pre-cooked at an off-site location’
    • ‘His firm turns to modular systems when site conditions make off-site assembly easier, quicker, or cheaper to do.’
    • ‘The problem is that it is a lot easier and faster to log on to a gambling web site or do off-site betting on track races than to go to an amusement park.’
    • ‘Viewers don't mind clicking a separate link that takes them off-site to see who is visiting the site.’
    • ‘Some services will be moved off-site reducing the need for parking and other land on site can be used for parking.’
    • ‘If you get turned away and you've already prepaid, ask how to get your off-site parking costs validated or reimbursed.’
    • ‘Government officials now confirm to the press that the off-site testing began in 2002.’
    • ‘A computer in the hospital was sending an image of the fellow's heart patterns to an expert off-site.’
    • ‘To achieve it, the Library must close for two years and move both staff and collections off-site.’
    • ‘Those are all graded off-site and the essays are graded by people who don't know the students.’
    • ‘Is there a possibility they will conduct some of the training at your site, which would save the need to travel off-site to take the course?’
    • ‘Does the company have at least one back-up copy of all data and software files stored at a secure off-site storage location?’
    • ‘The firm sends me to off-site leadership-training programs every year.’
    • ‘Commonly used solutions such as off-site back up tapes do not provide up to date protection of data nor do they enable rapid recovery.’
    • ‘In fact, a Senate inquiry explored a similar instance of a plumbing error redirecting process water off-site in 1983.’
    • ‘The bottles are blow-molded off-site and arrive at the plant in bags.’
    • ‘An off-site monitoring system was introduced gradually and extended to cover co-operative institutions also.’
    • ‘It is similar to the old off-site peer review and includes a separate report, letter of comments and letter of response.’
    • ‘This use lends to projects where the byproducts are hauled off-site.’
    • ‘Industry is also required to maintain the vast majority of off-site monitoring stations which measure ambient air quality.’
    • ‘The design positively embraces and celebrates the latest innovations in building technology, and maximises off-site working.’


  • Away from a particular place or site.

    • ‘the home was built off-site and installed in just eight hours’