Definition of off the rack in English:

off the rack


North American
  • (of clothes) ready-made rather than made to order; off the peg.

    • ‘They were sophisticated, not the kind of ones you buy off the rack.’
    • ‘Like me, they buy their clothes off the rack.’
    • ‘Don't get yourself depressed searching for items of clothing that will fit you perfectly off the rack.’
    • ‘Her wedding dress, bought two days before her marriage, was off the rack.’
    • ‘Rosen, no slouch himself, has clothes made for him in Italy and buys off the rack, as well.’
    • ‘I can buy clothes off the rack.’
    • ‘I found out that if I ever was to dress like a woman, I would not be buying off the rack.’
    • ‘The dress was bought off the rack as a late addition to her wardrobe.’
    • ‘Nothing you buy off the rack will ever look as good on you as something made for you.’
    • ‘If off the rack, where were they purchased and for how much?’