Definition of off the wagon in English:

off the wagon

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  • Drinking alcohol again after a period of abstinence.

    • ‘she fell off the wagon two days after making a resolution to quit’
    • ‘The album fared miserably on the charts, however, and Zevon again fell off the wagon.’
    • ‘He went on long benders, landed in detox wards, returned to his studio and soon fell off the wagon again.’
    • ‘The star had a liver transplant in 2002 and vowed never to drink again but fell off the wagon last year.’
    • ‘She stood by me when I fell off the wagon and kept me from retreating behind my carefully constructed walls during a mini-meltdown last fall.’
    • ‘Cal then proceeds to ‘befriend’ an alcoholic, whom he pushes off the wagon before attempting to seduce his wife.’
    • ‘The alcoholism came to the fore when Stirling fell off the wagon during a trip to Spain organised by the Scottish Ladies Golf Association at the start of the year.’
    • ‘As for other stuff, I fell off the wagon for a while, but now I'll happily report that I've jumped back on, and I'll remain entirely sober until my birthday.’
    • ‘In a remarkably frank interview he reveals why he drinks, how he fell off the wagon disastrously this summer, and why the love of his family makes him determined to keep fighting to be sober’
    • ‘Best, 58, publicly fell off the wagon earlier this year when he was fined £1,500 and banned from driving for 20 months after being convicted of drink-driving.’
    • ‘On the anniversary of the accident a couple months back she fell off the wagon and decided to stay in the mud.’