Definition of offerer in English:



(also offeror)

See offer

‘The premium is significantly below that which we would normally expect where an offeror is intending to privatise or increase its controlling stake in a listed company.’
  • ‘This applies regardless of whether or not the identity of the offeror has been disclosed in the aforementioned announcement, he said.’
  • ‘If, for example, the offeror becomes insolvent during that time, they've got your shares and you don't get the money.’
  • ‘Burnside said there was a common theme from all the offerers.’
  • ‘Using past performance information in evaluating offerors greatly enhances the chances of reaching a true best-value decision.’



/ˈôf(ə)rər/ /ˈɔf(ə)rər/ /ˈäf(ə)rər/ /ˈɑf(ə)rər/