Definition of office block in English:

office block


  • A large multistorey building containing the offices of one or more companies.

    ‘modern high-rise office blocks’
    • ‘A new council-wide call centre would be created in the Black Box municipal offices and an office block and new shops built in the town centre.’
    • ‘Down the street there is a Montessori School housed in an office block.’
    • ‘Its two storeys house a mini-market and seven shops plus a four-storey office block and visitor centre.’
    • ‘We've got a hotel at one end of the stadium and an office block at the other.’
    • ‘Sadly, Boucicault's house has now itself passed on: it has been replaced by an office block called Albany House.’
    • ‘Reversing out of a public parking space a pensioner managed to knock down a wall, trash a garden and smash into the front porch of an office block.’
    • ‘The modern office block is opposite Borough underground station and was sold on a freehold basis.’
    • ‘An office block dubbed Britain's sickest building was sent crashing to earth yesterday in a controlled implosion demolition.’
    • ‘Plans include installing new equipment to speed manufacture, new sheds to house larger ships' sections and a new office block.’
    • ‘Instead of travelling to an anonymous office block, we could stay at home, shop locally and get involved in the neighbourhood.’
    • ‘When constructed it was the tallest building in Europe and still remains the tallest office block outside the capital.’
    • ‘A team of four heavily built labourers had been contracted to demolish the old building to make way for a new office block.’
    • ‘The move to the new site is due to take place in September after the firm has completed building work on a new office block.’
    • ‘The 464 rooms inside Armadale Place, a former office block, have been home to the occupants for the past two years.’
    • ‘Many years ago in Sunnyside, Pretoria there was an office block occupied mainly by medical doctors and dentists.’
    • ‘He owned property in Ballsbridge, some apartments, and an office block.’
    • ‘The club has been forced to lease part of its office block to a church as a way of raising some money.’
    • ‘Planners have reduced the hotel by one storey and modified a proposed office block in the Peace Gardens area to try to lessen the impact of the developments.’
    • ‘The latest hold-up involves a new office block for train operating companies, which will include facilities for train crews.’
    • ‘A flagship office block will rise from the ashes of a Victorian mill which was destroyed in a huge blaze.’


office block