Definition of office hours in English:

office hours

Pronunciation /ˈɔfəs ˌaʊ(ə)rz/

plural noun

  • The hours during which business is normally conducted.

    ‘an answering service operates outside office hours’
    • ‘But if you are the only lawyer in town, chances are you won't be confining your legal consultations to office hours.’
    • ‘I would love for Animal Control to do their job, but the darn problem is that they are open basically during office hours and a few hours on Saturdays.’
    • ‘There is a telephone helpline during office hours for young people, parents and professionals.’
    • ‘One man said long office hours had led to the breakdown of his marriage.’
    • ‘Try calling a potential sponsor before office hours in the morning or after office hours in the evening.’
    • ‘For emergencies after office hours, a chaplain is on call 24 hours a day and can be paged by a staff member.’
    • ‘With traditional office hours being eroded by the 24-hour society, more and more people seem to find themselves caught up in a rat race to get things done fast, and first.’
    • ‘Consultants work weekdays, primarily during office hours, taking around 70 calls a day from residential customers from across Australia.’
    • ‘We work normal office hours but we also work to meet the requirements of our clients.’
    • ‘Expanding resources such as later bookstore and administrative office hours may also benefit the community college student population at large.’
    • ‘Our office hours are 9: 30 in the morning to 7 in the evening each weekday.’
    • ‘I typed out a note to all the staff about the meeting and that it would take place the next day before office hours at 6 am.’
    • ‘In addition, the service was only available during office hours.’
    • ‘If you're in a U.S. registered vessel you can do so by telephone during normal office hours, Monday through Saturday.’
    • ‘Our office hours are Monday through Friday from nine a.m. until five p.m.’
    • ‘They used to have to spend time and money sending out brochures, doing fax mailings, and trying to reach people by phone during office hours.’
    • ‘Call the organization's headquarters during office hours and a real person - not a voice mail system answers the phone.’
    • ‘This usually means the building will need plenty of HVAC zones, flexible office hours and point-of-use supplemental systems.’
    • ‘The government disallows chewing during office hours and in the military, but has no plans to ban it.’
    • ‘That administration put the American Swimming Coaches Association on a solid foundation at a permanent address with regular office hours.’