Definition of offprint in English:


Pronunciation /ɒfˈprɪnt/ /ˈɒfprɪnt/


  • A printed copy of an article that originally appeared as part of a larger publication.

    • ‘They signed up for two copies of the book and ordered an additional two hundred offprints of the lithographic view.’
    • ‘I found that I have a few other offprints of earlier articles of mine, sitting there uselessly on the shelf.’
    • ‘A similar bound collection of offprints can be found in the University of Toronto Archives.’
    • ‘We sent offprints, made phone calls, and met many summers and some winters.’
    • ‘The room bore unmistakable traces of them - a framed mathematical journal offprint, a stereo cluttered with worn, sleeveless records.’
    copy, reproduction, duplicate, photocopy, mimeograph, mimeo, replica, likeness, carbon, carbon copy, print, reprint, offprint, image



/ɒfˈprɪnt/ /ˈɒfprɪnt/