Definition of oftentimes in English:



  • 1North American Frequently; many times.

    ‘I would oftentimes go there’
    • ‘I think when a movement happens, oftentimes it usually doesn't come down to one person.’
    • ‘Corporations have the money to snap up the tickets, and oftentimes the regular fan gets left out.’
    • ‘You know, lawyers oftentimes get criticized about the justice system.’
    • ‘Technology is all fine and well, but oftentimes we are reminded of the flawed human element which created it in the first place.’
    • ‘I think he distorts fact, and oftentimes his distortions are believed by a lot of people that ought to take another look.’
    • ‘I think the real target oftentimes is not the underclass so much as it is college students.’
    • ‘We are also here on the beach seeing a lot of people, as you oftentimes do, here on the ocean front.’
    • ‘He generally has struck during the week, and oftentimes has struck during the morning rush hour.’
    • ‘Admittedly, military service does change a person and oftentimes for the better.’
    • ‘The honesty and openness of her words are oftentimes scary, yet somehow surprisingly liberating.’
    • ‘She clowned around a little bit, which is really what oftentimes goes on in these sessions.’
    • ‘It was free flowing, oftentimes amusing, and almost like talking to a friend; very pleasant in all respects.’
    • ‘They come to see markets, then oftentimes spend more money in local shops.’
    • ‘There is oftentimes an intense desire for a fresh start from a victim of disease who comes off of it, even for short periods of remission.’
    • ‘In an oftentimes dull political world, his ability and feistiness come through.’
    • ‘Oftentimes the most successful developments are those that evolve slowly.’
    • ‘Oftentimes I see that players in form slumps really are just forgetting about doing the basics that they're supposed to be doing.’
    • ‘Cultural dissonance oftentimes manifests itself in different lifestyles and preferences.’
    • ‘They take multiple routes across a complex educational landscape, oftentimes without a roadmap.’
    • ‘These men oftentimes made original contributions to scientific endeavor.’
    1. 1.1In many instances.
      ‘sensory processing is oftentimes a challenge for someone with ASD’


Late Middle English extended form of oft-times, influenced by often.



/ˈɒf(ə)ntʌɪmz/ /ˈɒft(ə)ntʌɪmz/