Definition of ogham in English:



(also ogam)
  • 1An ancient British and Irish alphabet, consisting of twenty characters formed by parallel strokes on either side of or across a continuous line.

    ‘The combination of a rockcut ‘basin’, two separate carved footprints, the incised outline of a boar or pig, and an inscription in the Irish linear script, known as ogham, cannot be paralleled anywhere in Britain or Ireland.’
    • ‘One is inscribed in Latin and also in ogham.’
    • ‘He initiated the modern study of ogam with an essay on the Mount Callan Stone in 1785.’
    1. 1.1An inscription in or character from the ogham alphabet.



/ˈäɡ(ə)m/ /ˈɑɡ(ə)m/


Early 18th century from Irish ogam, of uncertain origin; perhaps connected with the name of Ogmae Mac Elathan, said in some medieval Irish grammars to have been its inventor.