Definition of ogive in English:


Pronunciation /ōˈjīv/ /oʊˈdʒaɪv/


  • 1Architecture
    A pointed or Gothic arch.

    • ‘For most populations, when cross-sectional data on the proportion of persons who have left home is graphed against age, the curve has the clear shape of an ogive.’
    1. 1.1One of the diagonal groins or ribs of a vault.
    2. 1.2A thing having the profile of an ogive, especially the head of a projectile or the nose cone of a rocket.
      ‘The curve of the ogive usually is the arc of the circle, the center of which is located in a line perpendicular to the axis of the projectile and the radius of which is generally 6 to 11 calibers.’
      • ‘This lightweight insert extends the bullet nose and accommodates use of a longer ogive - the radius of the curve of the bullet tip.’
      • ‘It's essential that an optimum overall length for the cartridge is established for your chamber based on the distance the bullet ogive is set off the rifling.’
      • ‘Long range or lower velocity bullet performance can be improved by using a sheep's foot blade or Xacto knife to stress the jacket longitudinally between the lead tip and the bullet ogive.’
      • ‘First, the bullet ogive is slightly fatter than most; and secondly, the bullet did contact the slide stop pin during the feed cycle.’
      • ‘Though they call this little pistol MilSpec, this term usually means it will only feed ball ammo or something with a similar ogive.’
      • ‘The bourrelet is an accurately machined surface that is slightly larger than the body and located immediately to the rear of the ogive.’
      • ‘This measurement must be made on the bullet ogive where it first contacts the rifling.’
      • ‘The lead bullet's ogive is more blunt than that of the Winchester load.’
  • 2Statistics
    A cumulative frequency graph.


Late Middle English from French, of unknown origin.