Definition of oh boy in English:

oh boy


  • Used to express surprise or excitement.

    ‘Boy, oh boy, was I in for a surprise!’
    • ‘Oh boy, they've already gotten together.’
    • ‘Boy, oh boy, I can't wait until the whole story comes out.’
    • ‘I read the news today, oh boy, and it made me feel like I'd fallen through a wrinkle in time and wound up in 1972.’
    • ‘Boy, oh boy… Do we ever have a Valentine's treat for you - five full pages of eye candy!’
    • ‘He screamed, he hollered, he insulted, he berated, and he hit… oh boy, did he ever hit.’
    • ‘Scott and the entire family thought, oh boy, they really think that Scott did it.’
    • ‘The other pups know he's a runt, and boy, oh boy, do they let him know!’
    • ‘Boy oh boy, what has our poor Kira gotten into?’
    • ‘And the twins… oh boy we can't miss out on harassing them tonight for being suspended.’
    • ‘‘They say, oh boy, this bird is dangerous,’ Adam said.’
    • ‘They both claim the 45 minute countdown timer ‘hasn't been started yet,’ and once it does, oh boy, we'll really be in big trouble then.’
    • ‘Boy oh boy, her brother would be in big trouble when her parents found out.’
    • ‘Monday came; oh boy did I have a lot to tell Michelle.’
    • ‘As soon as I got in the car, oh boy, my mom went insane.’
    • ‘And boy oh boy, those boys were in for a major pep talk.’
    • ‘But, oh boy, was I glad not to be the only female in the house!’
    • ‘She's decided to do her own ‘special’ interpretation of ‘Walk on by’ and, oh boy, is it special!’
    • ‘And the questions you're asking yourself, Jeannie, oh boy, are they legit.’
    • ‘And, oh boy, I've enjoyed it, every luxurious moment of it.’