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oil color

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another term for oil paint
‘Use the oil rage with a small amount of chrome yellow and raw sienna tube oil color to wipe over the white areas of the panel and soften into the background.’
  • ‘It's a rubber additive that he heats, sometimes kneads with oil color and shapes into fairly small objects of widely varying nature.’
  • ‘He uses thick layers of brilliant, colorful oil color for his prints.’
  • ‘Among the exhibits, in oil colour, were ‘Silent prayer in the church’, ‘Skiing in the park’, ‘Autumn gaze’ and ‘Flowers on the window’.’
  • ‘‘It takes nearly a month for completing a piece, in which the use of oil colour is high,’ he says.’
  • ‘‘I use my oil colours like water colours, in diluted form, layer after layer to bring more depth to the colour,’ he says.’
  • ‘He dresses each canvas with a thick, textured white acrylic undercoating that gives body to the overpainted oil colors and adds to the spatial nuances of the images.’
  • ‘I opened the suitcase, and everything fell into the snow - oil colors, canvas, fruits - I couldn't invent such a symbolic situation!’
  • ‘We manufacture over 1000 professional grade artists oil colors, ranging in size from 1 / 8, 1 / 4, 1/2 and full pint up to quart, 1/2 gallon and gallon.’
  • ‘Along the upper part of the corrugated scrap are eight just-from-the-tube gobs of oil colors.’
  • ‘With this technique, the artist creates on a stone or glass plate the complete image in water or oil colors.’
  • ‘Over-paintings done with oil colours in the past, which had turned dark, were also removed.’
  • ‘Also, it is not just the oil colours on canvas or the metal sculptures that capture the attention.’
  • ‘Cover this with a tinted glaze - either a scumble glaze tinted with artists' oil colours or a modern oil-based tinted varnish thinned with white spirits.’
  • ‘The capital has a date this week with the rare works of a man who brought the magic of canvas and oil colours to India.’
  • ‘The lines have been scratched out using a needle, on a canvas smeared with oil colours.’
  • ‘She graduated in Physics and at a time dreamt of exploring the realms of astrophysics, before she decided that the world of oil colours and pastels suited her better.’
  • ‘The sketches of figures are made out through the screen painting form on a glass using oil colours.’
  • ‘Traditional oil colors could not give me that freedom.’
  • ‘Hao Ping's prints are made in woodcut technique with thick, bright oil colors.’


oil color

/oil ˈkələr/ /ɔɪl ˈkələr/