Definition of oil painting in English:

oil painting


mass noun
  • 1The art of painting in oils.

    ‘the basic methods and techniques of oil painting’
    • ‘With the encouragement of her son, also an artist, she experimented with various techniques: oil painting, coloured Indian inks, engraving, sculpture.’
    • ‘She specializes in various techniques, including oil painting and mixed media.’
    • ‘Many Indonesians practice Western arts, from oil painting to metal sculpture, the subjects of which are often inspired by Indonesian life and traditions.’
    • ‘At age 18 he went to Tokyo to study oil painting at the Kawabata Painting School.’
    • ‘Koshiro began to study oil painting and sculpture at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1910.’
    • ‘This forms a striking demonstration of that paradox of oil painting whereby the thickest impasto captures the most fleeting highlights.’
    • ‘Here, the artist, taking advantage of oil painting's technical possibilities, used translucent glazes to achieve a richness and depth of colour not possible in other media.’
    • ‘At the age of nine, he took a lesson in oil painting with a neighborhood art teacher.’
    • ‘It was a fatal blow to fine art education, especially for oil painting and sculpture.’
    • ‘He is traditionally credited with introducing into northern Italy the Netherlandish technique of oil painting, which he perhaps learned in Naples.’
    • ‘The picture is in tempera on panel, which Southall had returned to after a period when he abandoned the difficult technique in favour of oil painting.’
    • ‘The experience he gained from this work laid the foundation for his career in silver-leaf oil painting.’
    • ‘He has exhibited widely in the UK, Canada and United States where he has received two international Maritime art awards for oil painting and one for watercolour.’
    • ‘While van Eyck did not invent the technique of oil painting, he did perfect the method of using an oil-glaze.’
    • ‘New theories of perspective in the Renaissance, and oil painting with its greater tactility and richness, enabled artists to achieve an increasingly convincing copy of Nature.’
    • ‘The second batch will be trained in pencil drawing, watercolour painting, oil painting and acrylic painting.’
    • ‘Having explored many different mediums including photography, oil painting and charcoal drawing, Andrya has returned to the softer look of pastels for this exhibition.’
    • ‘I constructed visual shocks by mixing the technique with the expressive means of oil painting.’
    • ‘As these remarks suggest, Domenico and Antonello participate in an idealized social ritual, with oil painting functioning as the medium of exchange.’
    • ‘This competition highlights work in oil painting, watercolor, drawing, photography and other visual art forms.’
    1. 1.1count noun A picture painted in oils.
      ‘an original oil painting by a local artist’
      • ‘He made oil paintings and watercolors and attracted some attention with local art exhibitions.’
      • ‘Family Copies recreates oil paintings or watercolors by using an image from a digital or photographic source.’
      • ‘To her it doesn't matter if an image is a fine oil painting on canvas or a digital reproduction on a screen.’
      • ‘Blackadder is exhibiting watercolours and oil paintings.’
      • ‘The lightness of touch and the freshness of observation found in the sketchbooks now animate oil paintings of scale and substance.’
      • ‘Csaba Markus, who also donated an original oil painting, attended the art auction and delighted guests by creating sketches for them.’
      • ‘He first saw an original oil painting in May and almost bought it, but balked at the $600 price tag.’
      • ‘The green terraced fields and the smoke coming from the kitchen chimneys of the cottages below look like a picturesque oil painting.’
      • ‘It's like trying to paint an oil painting when you have no idea even how to draw.’
      • ‘The exhibits range from creative embroidery to pencil drawings as well as large numbers of oil paintings, gouache and watercolours.’
      • ‘By spring 2002, studio Fine Art began selling Hessam's oil paintings and sculptures.’
      • ‘An original oil painting by Tony Bennett hangs on a wood-paneled wall and a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels sits on the shelf of a minibar.’
      • ‘Burr's black-and-white serigraphs and oil paintings of tap, swing and formal dance are popular.’
      • ‘At the show, 24 original oil paintings were displayed at the Phyllis Kind Gallery.’
      • ‘During the day his father tried to make as many sketches and oil paintings as possible.’
      • ‘On display will be a selection of large-scale oil paintings, watercolours, pastels and etchings.’
      • ‘It was like looking at a watercolor interpretation of an oil painting.’
      • ‘Galleries wouldn't dream of hanging an unframed oil painting on the wall, so why place a sculpture on the corner of a desk or a store fixture and expect it to sell?’
      • ‘Most oil paintings and pencil sketches portrayed women, classical dancers and children in different perspectives.’
      • ‘It's only upon closer inspection that we realize that this is an oil painting on canvas.’


    be no oil painting
    British informal
    • (of a person) be unattractive.

      ‘he was no oil painting, but she had long passed the age of needing good looks about her’
      • ‘The actor is no oil painting and has acquired unattractive bulk for his part as Aubrey.’
      • ‘I admit I am no oil painting, but my character makes up for it.’
      • ‘However, I think I am hardly courting controversy if I say he is no oil painting.’
      • ‘He's no oil painting, but he invariably plays with a smile on his face, which is more than can be said for a lot of his more terminally sullen brethren.’
      • ‘Tom is bald, rotund and, frankly, no oil painting.’
      • ‘I am no oil painting but I am not the worst looking either.’
      • ‘Like most of the divers I have ever met, I'm no oil painting.’
      • ‘Without spoiling too much, it is safe to say, that the sewer-surfing murderer is no oil painting.’
      • ‘Rowland is no oil painting, and he had a voice that only a mother could love.’
      • ‘I thought about going over and chatting her up but I'm no oil painting and thought she'd laugh me off.’


oil painting