Definición de oilbird en inglés



  • A large nocturnal fruit-eating bird that resembles a nightjar, living in caves in Central and South America.

    also called guacharo

    Steatornis caripensis, the only member of the family Steatornithidae

    ‘Birds in this family are also known, unflatteringly, as oilbirds, frogmouths, and goatsuckers, the last based on an old myth that these birds use their expansive maws to steal milk from goats.’
    • ‘Echolocation - the trick of emitting sound pulses and navigating by accurate timing of the echoes - has evolved at least four times: in bats, toothed whales, oilbirds and cave swiftlets.’
    • ‘Accommodations are available to watch various varieties of birds including the oilbirds, which make their home in the nearby Dunston Cave.’



/ˈoilˌbərd/ /ˈɔɪlˌbərd/