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‘This step stimulates the circulation, reduces oiliness, helps to refine the pores and skin texture, and removes the last traces of grease, dead cells and grime.’
  • ‘Typical acne was present in addition to the excoriations in 33 percent while only increased oiliness and no clear-cut acne lesions were present in 67 percent.’
  • ‘Oily hair is often a good candidate for chemical processing since the formulas may actually eliminate some of the excess oiliness.’
  • ‘He's suave and smiles well but has a vague oiliness about him.’
  • ‘Those slightly acidic wines add sparkle to a fish dish, much like a squeeze of lemon and can counterbalance oiliness or fatness in food.’



/ˈoilēnəs/ /ˈɔɪlinəs/