Definition of okapi in English:


nounplural noun okapi, plural noun okapis

  • A large browsing mammal of the giraffe family that lives in the rainforests of northern Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire). It has a dark chestnut coat with stripes on the hindquarters and upper legs.

    Okapia johnstoni, family Giraffidae

    ‘This family includes only two living species, the giraffe and the okapi.’
    • ‘Important studies on elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees and rare and elusive ungulates such as the okapi and duiker have been ongoing for decades.’
    • ‘In the groves of Africa from their natural wonder the wildebeest, zebra, the okapi, the elephant, have entered the marvelous.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, ‘new’ animals can still be found in our small world: animals such as the okapi, the Komodo dragon, or the mountain gorilla were all discovered only in the twentieth century.’
    • ‘We care for the same reason that we love okapis, delight in the fossil evidence of trilobites, and mourn the passage of the dodo.’



/ōˈkäpē/ /oʊˈkɑpi/


Early 20th century a local word.