Definition of old-earth creationism in English:

old-earth creationism


  • A form of creationist belief that does not conflict with scientific evidence about the age of the earth.

    ‘those who affirm old-earth creationism do not see an inherent conflict between scripture and evolutionary theory’
    • ‘Old-Earth creationism is dismissed by the evolutionists because they know full well that the Bible teaches young-Earth creationism.’
    • ‘Old-earth creationism, contrary to some of the more extreme young-earth supporters, doesn't compromise with evolution and, in fact, is integral to intelligent design theory.’
    • ‘In old-earth creationism there are no such contradictions.’
    • ‘Mr Holzmann says he felt compelled to defend old-earth creationism’
    • ‘Various "old-earth creationism" positions imply an occasionally interventionist God.’
    • ‘The finds presented a problem for progressive creationism/Rossism (so-called 'old-earth creationism').’
    • ‘Old-Earth creationism is at least 66% evolutionism, because it accepts cosmological evolution of the universe and geological evolution of the Earth by accepting the billions of years of history that the evolutionists imagine.’