Definition of old-earth creationist in English:

old-earth creationist


  • A person who believes in or advocates old-earth creationism.

    ‘as an old-earth creationist, he accepts the validity of radiometric dating and the ancient age of life on earth’
    • ‘Rather than denying Biblical inerrancy, most old-earth creationists appeal for uncompromising consistency in interpretation of Scripture.’
    • ‘Strobel and some of his interviewees are old-earth creationists, but it's notable how the question of animal suffering is addressed.’
    • ‘They are basically old-earth creationists; that is, they interpret "day" in Genesis to mean a time period longer than 24 hours.’
    • ‘Years ago, at a conference on the Genesis creation accounts, I shared the speakers platform with three old-earth creationists and one young-earth creationist.’
    • ‘He is an old-Earth creationist, i.e. he accepts the standard chronology for the universe and the Earth.’
    • ‘Some old-earth creationists deny the historicity of a literal Adam and Eve.’
    • ‘The literalists are definitely the most vocal creationists, but old-earth creationists exist.’
    • ‘I was an old-earth creationist, and remained so from 1980 or so up to 5-6 years ago when I became an agnostic on the issue.’