Definition of old-growth in English:



  • (of a tree or forested area) never felled, harvested, or cleared; mature.

    ‘old-growth forests’
    • ‘upland forest habitats were predominately old-growth’
    • ‘The Nerussa River, a secluded waterway surrounded by peat bogs and old-growth oak forests, meandered through this area.’
    • ‘They are often found in mature and old-growth forests, but will breed in second growth as long as there are some large nesting trees.’
    • ‘Our study examined seed dispersal of trees in an old-growth forest.’
    • ‘The practice of clear felling old-growth forests is deeply objectionable to a large percentage of the Tasmanian population.’
    • ‘The main casualties are tree species characteristic of old-growth forests.’
    • ‘In much of the country, Barred Owls are associated with large trees in old-growth forests.’
    • ‘In an old-growth forest, rotting trees sprouting new saplings are a common sight.’
    • ‘Tents are set in a canyon across from El Capitan State Beach, amid old-growth oak and sycamore trees.’
    • ‘The yew tree is found only in old-growth forests, so it has now become a potential problem, along with the spotted owl, in trying to save these forests.’
    • ‘When fires do occur in old-growth forests, they rarely kill the larger trees, which have thick, fire-resistant bark.’
    • ‘I subdivided the samples of old-growth trees at Bailey Woods according to slope position and aspect.’
    • ‘No one was cutting old-growth white- and red-pine forests.’
    • ‘Bulldozing old-growth trees will make way for money-making species such as eucalyptus, teak and bamboo.’
    • ‘Tree sitters can spend months camped on platforms in old-growth trees, hoping to call attention to the environmental effects of logging.’
    • ‘Even the landscaping goes beyond merely preserving the existing old-growth trees and heritage plants indigenous to the region.’
    • ‘All nests the researchers found were in old-growth trees.’
    • ‘The marbled murrelet, a threatened seabird species, nests primarily in old-growth trees up to 75 kilometers from the coast.’
    • ‘The kinds of birds and animals that have not yet returned are mostly species preferring old-growth forest habitat.’
    • ‘You can only cut an old-growth forest or raze a historically significant building once - then all you have is a parking lot.’
    • ‘Manker himself tried to find the tree in 1955 but found only stumps of cut old-growth trees in the area.’