Definition of old country in English:

old country

Pronunciation /ōld ˈkəntrē/ /oʊld ˈkəntri/


the old country
  • The native country of a person who has gone to live abroad.

    ‘There was an amazingly diverse audience at the show, proving that Celtic music is not just for old folk from the old country - long live the fiddle!’
    • ‘The gentleman was an old friend of Maurice's father, from the old country.’
    • ‘It is perfectly worth his while to pay, besides these high wages, the cost of the passage of free labour from the old country to the colony.’
    • ‘I am over here on a retirement visa, living off a small pension I get from the old country.’
    • ‘When you leave a family behind in the east or the old country and have no one to talk to for months on end but your tight-lipped husband and the wind, you may go mad.’
    • ‘He died while his children were in their teens and their mother, his wife, abandoned the family, returning to the old country.’
    • ‘Once my feet hit the curb, I realized that Montreal is a big city, but it's founded on the ideals of the old country..’
    • ‘But no one's there for the décor - instead, they're lined up for soul food straight from the old country.’
    • ‘Inside you'll find yourself taken back to the old country.’
    • ‘Back in the old country we have a saying of great sagacity for which, sadly, there is no sufficient translation in English.’
    • ‘And did he maintain family ties with the family members in the old country?’
    • ‘Every day was worse than the last and better than the next, until one night Salim was visited in his dreams by a genie from the old country.’
    • ‘This symbolises the plight of our people in the old country.’
    • ‘Yet, for all its faded paintwork, it is nonetheless the sort of place that reeks of the old country, of back streets in the Italy of my youthful summers.’
    • ‘It was great to be back on the ground in the old country.’
    • ‘When Jimmy died in 1989, our family lost its final link with the old country, as grandpa used to call it.’
    • ‘Of Armenian descent, he is a watchmaker, pursuing a craft for which the people of the old country are well known.’
    • ‘You can't saddle a man who chose to be American with the baggage he left behind in the old country.’
    • ‘You don't want to forget all the things that happened in the old country.’
    • ‘My parents came from the old country, and they came to America to get away from that stuff.’