Definition of old flame in English:

old flame


  • A former lover.

    • ‘The pensioner now has three children and has been married twice, but would love to contact his old flames to see what has happened during their lives.’
    • ‘As the amorous side of your life goes up and down, you forage in the laundry basket of love, reselecting old flames instead of dusting yourself down and seeking new conquests.’
    • ‘Maybe this sudden influx of communication from old flames was karma having a field day and rubbing in the painful realities of current singledom.’
    • ‘On the way back the two old flames kiss in his van.’
    • ‘Donna's reaction to seeing her old flames is interesting, to say the least.’
    • ‘The theory can't possibly work for everyone - if old flames are that great in the first place, why do we ever move on?’
    • ‘Let's also take it as given that old flames are harder to keep as friends.’
    • ‘You attempt to rekindle old flames but much water has flown under the bridge.’
    • ‘It opens well enough with sad-faced British artist Colin arriving in New England to forget an old flame on an open-ended holiday in a town he picked purely because of its name.’
    • ‘In a move that has surprised absolutely everybody, she's essentially emigrated, gone to live in France with an old flame, some bloke she knew around ten years ago, before I knew her.’
    sweetheart, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, love, partner, beloved, beau, darling, escort, suitor


old flame

/ˌōld ˈflām/ /ˌoʊld ˈfleɪm/