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old hat

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  • Used to refer to something considered uninteresting, predictable, tritely familiar, or old-fashioned.

    • ‘last year's electronics are already old hat’
    • ‘So, you know what is - what is sort of banal and old hat to one group of people, is brand new to another group of people.’
    • ‘I know it is old fashioned, and old hat, but Terry loves a good yarn.’
    • ‘Suddenly native plants were thought dull, common and old hat; gardeners began to reject them, banishing them as weeds.’
    • ‘The telephone, the camera, the photocopier, the fax machine are all old hat, but they remain for me no less mysterious than the miracles of Christ.’
    • ‘Dare one suggest that the newspaper style is old hat, and that a new generation has had to move into a new medium to find the space for what is really a new activity?’
    • ‘‘The trouble with filming is once they've filmed you, you are old hat,’ said Mr Bagot.’
    • ‘She's part of the generation for whom the internet is old hat, and newspapers are still a bit mysterious.’
    • ‘I know this is old hat, but I only heard the figure this morning.’
    • ‘He was probably old hat to many of you, but he was brand spanking new to me.’
    • ‘Lavish, big-screen adaptations of beloved boyhood comic-books have become so old hat.’
    • ‘Of course the producer keeps playing with the guitar part as a sample, but that's old hat by now.’
    • ‘It was June and the fact that the days were getting longer was old hat by now.’
    • ‘To the insiders or those who paid attention to the news over the past eight years, this is old hat.’
    • ‘And the media news cycle gets faster by the day, so that by lunchtime that morning press conference is old hat.’
    • ‘They had already been around most of the stalls before I got there, so a lot of it was old hat for them by that stage.’
    • ‘If you are a methodical man, some of this may be old hat or even too obvious, but for the majority it may well be news!’
    • ‘I'm sure I can't be the first person to mention this so apologies if it's old hat.’
    • ‘One day the bubble will burst, and mobile phones will be declared old hat.’
    • ‘The firm is betting that in this fear-filled world, security swipe cards will soon be old hat.’
    • ‘Then I don't bother to write because the issues will be old hat by the time I get round to them.’
    out of date, outdated, dated, old-fashioned, out, out of fashion, outmoded, unfashionable, last year's, frumpish, frumpy, out of style, outworn, old, old-time, old-world, behind the times, archaic, obsolescent, obsolete, ancient, antiquated, superannuated, defunct
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old hat

/ˌōl(d) ˈhat/ /ˌoʊl(d) ˈhæt/


Late 17th century (in the sense ‘sexual gratification, female sexual organs’): the modern sense dates from the early 20th century.