Definition of Old Irish in English:

Old Irish


  • The Irish Gaelic language up to c.1000, from which modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic are derived.

    ‘This ‘deep’ primoridial root also appears to underlie Old English scinu (Modern English shin), Old High German scina needle, Old Irish scian knife, Greek schizein to split, and Latin scindere to cut.’
    • ‘Finally, I should state that while I hold a total of five degrees in history, archaeology and Old Irish from University College Dublin, University of Durham, University of Oxford and Trinity College, I am not, unfortunately, a lawyer.’
    • ‘The Old Irish saying which summed up the heroic life of Cú Chulainn - ‘fame is more lasting than life’ - could stand too for Presley, whose posthumous career has lasted longer than his earthly one.’
    • ‘Approximately fifty Old Irish law texts survive in copied versions - often incomplete - with many shorter fragments from intermediate manuscripts now lost.’
    • ‘The structure of Old Irish, says Professor Watkins, can be compared only with that of Vedic Sanskrit or Hittite of the Old Kingdom.’
    • ‘If they had been written at the time, they would have been in the Old Irish forms: Dalriata, Fergus and Erca.’


Old Irish

/ōld ˈīriSH/ /oʊld ˈaɪrɪʃ/