Definition of old man in English:

old man

Pronunciation /ˌōld ˈman/ /ˌoʊld ˈmæn/


  • 1An elderly male person.

    senior citizen, pensioner, OAP, elder, elderly man, grandfather
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    1. 1.1informal A person's father, husband, or boyfriend.
      ‘when her old man left she moved in with Drummond’
      • ‘Its great to drink with your old man on fathers day’
      • ‘So, your old man's a fraud’
      • ‘Give your old man a kiss’
      • ‘Never mind what your old man said: your instinct to report theft was right.’
      • ‘Your old man's gonna break your back!’
      • ‘And my wife's old man promptly died in the office.’
      • ‘He stalked out of the car, thinking how typical it was that his old man would keep his hundred-year-old car in pristine condition and then forget to gas it up.’
      • ‘Everyone has rumors about how your old man beats you.’
      husband, man
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    2. 1.2the old maninformal A man in authority over others, especially an employer or commanding officer.
      ‘the old man wants a progress report’
      • ‘Dressed, we walked down to the office where the old man was already pouring a drink.’
      • ‘Willie takes over the business but admits the old man as silent partner, as the two younger daughters become free to marry.’
      • ‘And not to forget that as long as the old man is still the President of Swapo, all of us are actually financing the activities of Swapo.’
      • ‘In 1991, when the old man ran for president, MH wholeheartedly supported him.’
      • ‘At times the old man appears to be controlling the situation.’
      captain, owner, boss, employer, foreman, manager, overseer, superintendent, director, controller, head, headman, principal
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    3. 1.3informal Used with a surname instead of “Mr.”
      ‘old man Roberts’
      • ‘The courtesans gathered, musicians played, and a feast like none had before witnessed was prepared to welcome back the Prince and to celebrate old man Clemantini.’
  • 2

    another term for southernwood

    ‘There's a good cover of eucalyptus gum trees, lots of old man salt bush and we have a thirty mile frontage onto the Barwon River.’
    another term for southernwood


old man

/ˌōld ˈman/ /ˌoʊld ˈmæn/