Definition of Old Man of the Mountain in English:

Old Man of the Mountain

Pronunciation /ˌəʊl(d) man ɒv ðə ˈmaʊntɪn/


(also Old Man of the Mountains)
  • 1(A name given to) Ḥasan-e Ṣabbāḥ (d. 1124), founder of the Assassins, who established a base for the sect at Alamut, a mountain fortress near Qazvin in northern Iran, and his successors, especially Rāšid al-Dīn Sinān (d. 1192–3).

  • 2 rare A mountain guide or dweller.

  • 3A rock formation resembling the face of an old man. Chiefly as a proper name.


Late 16th century; earliest use found in John Frampton (fl. 1559–1581), merchant and translator. From old man + of + the + mountain, after Arabic šaiḵ-al-jibal.