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old money

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  • 1Established, inherited wealth.

    ‘he carries the patina of old money and good breeding’
    • ‘Filthy rich honorary Kentucky Colonels, regal in their old money, white suits and Foghorn Leghorn accents, abound at this event.’
    • ‘It takes a lot of old money to pull off that whole windswept look on national television.’
    • ‘Today, the children of those bonded contractors are back with us in the new technology fields of information and communication systems, using old money, made under suspect monopolistic arrangements, to great advantage.’
    • ‘The house's original builder/owner had absolutely stunk of old money, and entertained lavishly and happily for many years, before his death in 1911.’
    • ‘Inside, the architect made sure that the place would scream old money by the marble floors and the wooden walls, exotic plants, a mahogany doored elevator, and an elegant reception.’
    • ‘Among them is his snobbery, which - while merely irritating when confined to people's intellects - becomes insufferable when it defers to glamour, celebrity and old money.’
    • ‘At the same time, traditional funding sources - old money, government subsidies - are dwindling.’
    • ‘My mom was a performer, my Dad a man with old money who liked to travel.’
    • ‘Is it too much to want a diversity of opinions represented by strong and articulate thinkers who aren't propelled by old money?’
    • ‘I was sitting in the former dining-room of a mansion on the Upper East Side, surrounded by evidence of old money.’
    • ‘It's not, though, a new respect for old money, it is the realisation that this monument could be a major draw for tourists.’
    • ‘What is surprising, however, is that the pension fund kept pumping new money, or keeping old money, in the sagging fund.’
    • ‘Like Winona, Lucille was rich, but her money was old money.’
    • ‘If you think you'll get personal consultations with your money manager in private offices soaked in the aroma of old money, forget it.’
    • ‘Money, after all, and old money in particular, has the power to blind those who stand and serve.’
    1. 1.1Those whose families have been wealthy for many generations.
      ‘the list of Canada's wealthiest people, once dominated by old money, is no longer so exclusive’
      • ‘He is a pretty-boy rich kid whose family is old money in New Orleans.’
      • ‘Williams is ‘new money’ who's grown wealthy by buying up antiques and homes from the local old money as the wells have dried up.’
      • ‘Lionel Peirce had apparently come from old money and had the ability to cart his family all over the globe in the search for elusive and near extinct animals.’
      • ‘Both coming from old money, Sarah's grandparents are unnaturally wealthy.’
      • ‘After graduation they, immediately married old money of the European variety and immediately started having babies.’
      • ‘The President was at his ranch pretending to be a farmer when he is in fact an east coast, Ivy League, old money, blue blood.’
      • ‘And I decided that the elderly woman in the wheelchair being pushed by a skycap was old money.’
      • ‘His family made their money from trade, they bought their castle in the 1950's, and besides, they weren't old money because they only became rich in the 19th century.’
      • ‘While he came from old money and a heritage of prestige, she belonged to a middle-class family growing along side six older brothers.’
      • ‘This's where the old money lives, where the nouveau riche covet and where anyone who's anyone among the upper crust loves to gossip about.’
      • ‘She stood next to her solemn father, who came from old money.’
      • ‘She comes from aristocratic blood and old money, yet fled to Africa to live the exciting life of a single missionary.’
      • ‘Tucked down a somnolent, cobbled alley-way in The Old Town, this is where the old money sleeps, although they'll let you in as well.’
      • ‘I tend to dress a bit like old money, it is the very best protective coloration.’
      • ‘All of them were old money that pushed their children into medicine only for bragging rights.’
      • ‘She turns out to be Allison Nelson, the daughter of Charleston old money, summering in the country.’
      • ‘The results of this study show that old money is, if anything, more uniformly conservative than new money.’
      • ‘The paper also reviews the explanations commonly given for the reputed liberalism of old money.’
      • ‘New money dances with old money at the Frick’
      • ‘Where old money lives, new money parties.’