Definition of old religion in English:

old religion


  • A religion replaced by another, in particular paganism or Roman Catholicism.

    ‘The secular is the new religion; the old religion is just a musty, dimly-lit place smelling of wax where you have a doddering old man splash water on your baby's head.’
    • ‘In other words, as he says, they remained faithful to their old religions.’
    • ‘Some of these (Sweden and the Netherlands being examples) concluded that there is no need for distinguishing between new and old religions in law.’
    • ‘The old religions returned, but there were also new ones that were apocalyptic amalgams of old beliefs and a half-grasped Christian message.’
    • ‘Are these simply nostalgic echoes of the old religion?’
    • ‘They represent more than the lingering resonance of the old religion.’
    • ‘They have their own language and are now reasserting their old religion.’
    • ‘It speaks to the thought that Christianity has hidden and covered and contravened all we ever knew about the Deity… it speaks to hidden facts about the religion and the persecution the old religions.’
    • ‘Aten was also the embodiment of the sun, as Amon-Re was in the old religion, and was worshipped much the same as Amon-Re was prior to Akhenaten's condemnation of him.’
    • ‘I see Jesus as a later version of the Horned God of the old religions, updated, if you will, to speak to a people with a different mindset.’
    • ‘And so the old religions were nearly all abandoned and all disgraced as Christianity began to take over Europe and Islamic over Africa and the Arabian, although Muslims were around along time before Christians were.’
    • ‘The collapse of old religions introduces a chronic restlessness that leaves people open to grotesque and absurd forms of religiosity.’
    • ‘When Tutankhamun came to the throne, his administration restored the old religion and moved the capital from Akhetaten back to its traditional home at Memphis.’
    • ‘Many settlers, and indeed even government officials, tended to a pragmatic acceptance of the practice of the old religion.’
    • ‘He longed for a strong dictator and the security of the old religion, without the injustices of the old order.’
    • ‘White Americans are very much divorced from their roots, for the most part, and the old religions of Europe were interrupted and in most cases eradicated by Christianity.’
    • ‘It scraps its obsolete steam engines and dynamos; but it wont scrap its old prejudices and its old moralities and its old religions and its old political constitutions.’
    • ‘To me this similarity between the new and old religions was kind of the point of the film.’
    • ‘Still, it's nice to know Wallerstein's admitting that the old religion is finished.’
    • ‘Others respond less positively: they fear the adherents of their old religion; they spew hatred and misinformation out of spite to combat hatred and misinformation out of fear.’


old religion

/ōld rəˈlijən/ /oʊld rəˈlɪdʒən/ /rēˈlijən/ /riˈlɪdʒən/