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old stager

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  • A person who is experienced at something or who has been in a place or position for a long time.

    ‘the changes aroused the suspicions of the old stagers’
    • ‘And even though South Africa 2003 looms as their swansong, it's not unreasonable to expect that the old stagers might just dust off their match-winning routines one more time.’
    • ‘It's hard to say which of the two old stagers leading the nation's major parties will benefit from it but there's been a real far-out retro 70s feel to the past few weeks of political discussion.’
    • ‘It's not just a bunch of old stagers chuntering away, talking gibberish about silly points and fine legs, and eating cake (though it is unashamedly all of these).’
    • ‘Many of the air crews were from the Royal Canadian Air Force and old stagers in Northallerton still refer to the Friarage as the ‘Canadian hospital’.’
    • ‘Two other old stagers spent New Year's Eve catching up.’
    • ‘And once again the rag tag bunch of old blokes and kids come up with a win at cricket and the dads get all worked up and start buying the old stagers a few beers.’
    • ‘It is the old stagers, the biggest elephants grumbling away, barging around at the back of the herd, who can tear up the biggest trees of all.’
    • ‘After 36 years, three hoary old stagers have finally kissed and made up.’
    • ‘Martin's new manager, Levein, is delighted at the job Martin and his fellow old stagers are doing at Central Park.’
    • ‘I would appeal to all the old stagers here to lead by example and try keep the game as clean as we are accustomed to.’
    • ‘The four old stagers possess the energy of many men a third of their age and they all share the same tight, wiry physiques.’
    • ‘McKechin did indeed rub shoulders with a number of old stagers on Wednesday night.’
    • ‘That old stager Reader's Digest did well, rising 6.2% over the year to 350, 471 copies.’
    • ‘Such was his confidence that the old stager seemingly wanted more, even though a nice board lunch approached.’
    • ‘I refer, of course, to the old stager himself: Tarzan, formerly the biggest beast in the Tory jungle.’
    • ‘The Tory old stager who would be Prime Minister remains oddly elusive, a Conservative chameleon to the last.’
    • ‘Malmaison seemed the proper sort of place for an old stager like this.’
    • ‘Now it is over, it would be no surprise to Giggs if his fellow old stager turned a trickle to a flood.’
    • ‘We had a good mix of old stagers and young guns with nothing much in between, but the promising aspect is that there is some great talent coming through.’
    • ‘There's a degree of argument even over whether the old stagers - Crowley and co - were actually getting anything productive done…’


old stager

/ˌōld ˈstājər/ /ˌoʊld ˈsteɪdʒər/