Definition of old trout in English:

old trout


  • An annoying or bad-tempered old person, especially a woman.

    • ‘He might be an annoying twat and she a bit of an old trout but they can pick their books.’
    • ‘The sphinx who had tormented the shy, lovesick painter in his youth sits enthroned in a flashy drawing-room, a self-satisfied, puffy-looking old trout, holding her horrid little dog in her arms.’
    • ‘If Mau was hoping that she would reply, ‘No, I'm a hardened old trout who's in it for the money ’, she was doomed to disappointment.’
    • ‘I remember her beaming with pride that six of her class of twenty odd pupils had passed, I don't think I'd seen the sour faced old trout ever smile before, in fact I'm sure of it.’
    • ‘The old trout has decided to come over for a few days in Singapore, which she still believes is a British colony.’
    • ‘Every chemist has one; some acid-faced old trout who tuts and shuffles around the medicines like you're holding her to ransom with your request.’
    • ‘He's pretty chipper about his inquiry, but I think his man let that old trout Barbara off the hook.’
    • ‘But I bet the silly old trout just left it in the bank instead of spending it.’
    • ‘One of the bar staff is a moody old trout but all the guys and manager are great.’
    • ‘In short, he was making the most of his ferreting, like some old trout picking hairgrips in a supermarket.’