Definition of oleandrin in English:


Pronunciation /əʊlɪˈandrɪn/


(also oleandrine)
  • A toxic cardiac glycoside, C₃₂ H₄₈ O₉, with diuretic properties present in the leaves of the oleander.

    Lukomski (Repértoire de Chim. Appliquée (1861) 3 78) reports Wurtz as saying that the compound cannot properly be described as an alkaloid, but it was so described by C. Bettelli (Gazz. Chim. Italiana (1876) 6 310). Although the compound was isolated by O. Schmiedeberg (Arch. f. Exper. Pathol. u. Pharmakol. (1883) 16 150), for a time some reference works described the compound as an alkaloid, or even listed two separate compounds, one an alkaloid and the other a glycoside.


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in Henry Watts (1815–1884), chemist. From French oléandrine from oléandre + -ine.