Definition of olefin in English:



(also olefine)
another term for alkene
‘Epoxidation, the conversion of an olefin (an unsaturated alkene hydrocarbon) to a cyclic ether through reaction with hydrogen peroxide, a peracid, or oxygen, is an important chemical technique.’
  • ‘Whatever the feedstock, the product slate is a complex mixture of hydrogen, ethylene, other olefins, diolefins and gasoline as well as smaller amounts of acetylenes and carbon monoxide.’
  • ‘The second phase comprises an organic solvent containing soluble reagents such as olefins.’
  • ‘Sharpless had begun his investigations into the oxidation of olefins after starting work as an assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1970.’
  • ‘In addition, the isomerization of olefins with small molecular weight in glassy solvent at 77 K have been proposed to proceed by H-T mechanism.’
  • ‘Process for selective hydrogenation of highly unsaturated compounds and isomerization of olefins in hydrocarbon streams’
  • ‘Classes of polymers used in integrated optics include acrylates, polyimides, polycarbonates, and olefins.’
  • ‘For the pathway of cis-trans isomerization of olefins, we suggest distinguishing conjugated olefins (including stilbenes) of little polarity from other cases.’
  • ‘Activator solid support for metallocene catalysts in the polymerization of olefins, a process for preparing such a support, and the corresponding catalytic system and polymerization process’
  • ‘There are four large plants here - Qenos resins, plastics, elastomers and olefins.’
  • ‘Ethylene, a two-carbon olefin, is a volatile hormone in higher plants.’
  • ‘The company said the quarter saw a decline in international prices of olefins, polymer as well as fibre-intermediate on the back of weaker crude oil prices compared with the trailing quarter.’
  • ‘The material is a thermoplastic olefin nanocomposite.’
  • ‘Thermoplastic olefin was considered instead of the vinyl substrate covering.’
  • ‘By use of the present invention it is possible to produce an olefin polymer with high stereoregularity, broad molecular weight distribution, and good fluidity, at high rates of yield.’
  • ‘I've never done an olefin metathesis reaction, which means that the trend started without me and will leave without me.’
  • ‘It is preferred that the top membrane portion and the base membrane portion are made from thermoplastic olefin material or polyvinyl chloride material.’
  • ‘Such investment will be made in the production of plastic pellets, olefins, and aromatics.’
  • ‘Process for the preparation of an olefin polymer using metallocenes having specifically substituted indenyl ligands’
  • ‘The device has three injection-molded elements made of a cyclic olefin copolymer: the lid, a mixing chamber and a delivery cartridge.’



/ˈōləf(ə)n/ /ˈoʊləf(ə)n/


Mid 19th century from French oléfiant ‘oil-forming’ (with reference to oily ethylene dichloride).