Definition of olefinic in English:




See olefin

‘Structurally, morphine exhibits the complexity and multifunctionality typical of so many alkaloids; its benzylisoquinoline nucleus supports amino, hydroxyl, olefinic and ether functions in a pentacyclic system.’
  • ‘Essential oil hydrocarbons are usually olefinic and made up of isoprene units: terpenes, sesquiterpenes and diterpenes.’
  • ‘Process for selectively separating hydrogen, or both hydrogen and carbon monoxide from olefinic hydrocarbons’
  • ‘A number of artificial electron acceptors for reduced OYE has been identified including the olefinic double-bond of, ß-unsaturated ketones and aldehydes.’
  • ‘A metabolic epoxidation of the double bond in olefinic structures as shown in the case of vinyl chloride has been regarded as the common principle leading to their mutagenic and carcinogenic activities.’
  • ‘Here, a given lipid is assigned a coordinate in N-T space as dictated by the length of the chain on either side of the olefinic bond.’



/ˌōləˈfinik/ /ˌoʊləˈfɪnɪk/