Definition of oleic acid in English:

oleic acid


  • An unsaturated fatty acid present in many fats and soaps.

    Chemical formula: CH₃(CH₂)₇CHCH(CH₂)₇COOH

    ‘Soap molecules oleic acid and oleyl amine also included in the mixture tagged onto the metal particles and prevented them from growing beyond about 4nm in diameter.’
    • ‘We present evidence that it is the unique profile of the phenolic fraction, along with high intakes of squalene and the monounsaturated fatty acid, oleic acid, which confer its health-promoting properties.’
    • ‘That's because replacing polyunsaturated fatty acids with oleic acid could mean that less processing is needed to create the hardened but spreadable product.’
    • ‘They have tried hydrogenating soybean oil before converting it to diesel as well as blending the diesel fuel with oleic acid methyl ester, a smaller, more saturated molecular relative of the ester components in the diesel itself.’
    • ‘Peanut butter has plenty of unsaturated fatty acids, with oleic acid the most abundant.’
    • ‘Legumes are a good source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, niacin, and oleic acid, with mostly unsaturated fat that lowers ‘bad’ LDL-cholesterol.’
    • ‘In the 1990s, new processing methods made vegetable oil more resistant to oxidation; and genetic engineering techniques promise to further reduce oxidation by increasing the content of oleic acid, an antioxidant.’
    • ‘But, say the researchers, palmitic acid increases and oleic acid decreases plasma LDL cholesterol levels and stearic acid has a negligible effect.’
    • ‘The oily component of the droplets is preferably a triglyceride containing oleic acid and/or linoleic acid.’
    • ‘One recent study suggests that oleic acid, the main monounsaturated fatty acid in olive oil, can cripple a cancer gene responsible for 25 to 30 percent of all breast cancers.’
    • ‘Alternatives should be considered, since ß-oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic acid, terminates after only two cycles, leaving a 5,6 enoyl-CoA which cannot be ß-oxidized further unless the double bond is reduced.’
    • ‘Here, the experiments with oleic acid are presented because this lipid released DNA faster and most reproducibly relative to other lipids.’
    • ‘For example, the primary fatty acid found in olive oil is the cis alkenoic acid, octadec - 9-enoic acid, commonly called oleic acid.’
    • ‘Other injurious caustic agents such as hydrochloric acid or oleic acid were also applied to prime VILI in rodents.’
    • ‘It contains 70 to 85% unsaturated oleic acid and 9 to 14% unsaturated linoleic acid.’
    • ‘One, DOTAP, is an amphipathic cation consisting of oleic acid chains esterified to a trimethylammonium moiety.’
    • ‘Oil from N98-4445A contains increased levels of oleic acid - a monounsaturated fat stable enough for use in salad dressings or frying oils without treatment by the hardening process called hydrogenation.’
    • ‘The authors did demonstrate that oleic acid associated covalently with subunits of both the epithelial Na + channel and of the Na, K-ATPase.’
    • ‘Our results show that the most efficient incorporation of added oleate into oleic acid / oleate vesicles occurs under conditions that avoid a large transient increase in the micelle/vesicle ratio.’
    • ‘In this study we labeled oleic acid / oleate vesicles with the FRET donor-acceptor pair NBD-PE and Rh-DHPE to monitor membrane growth after the addition of oleate micelles.’


oleic acid

/ōˌlēik ˈasəd/ /oʊˌliɪk ˈæsəd/


Early 19th century oleic from Latin oleum ‘oil’.