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  • A chemical compound derived industrially from animal or vegetable oils or fats.

    ‘Other bit part players in the beauty industry include ICI (LSE: ICI), whose Uniqema division manufactures oleochemicals and surfactants for products such as skin creams.’
    • ‘In the UK, for instance, Petrofina's offices in Epsom, Surrey, have been closed and the oleochemical operations sold.’
    • ‘This tends to make these oils suitable for edible use and only of limited value as oleochemicals.’
    • ‘Laurate is the key raw material used in the manufacture of soap, detergent, food, oleochemical, and personal care products.’
    • ‘Domas president said recently that his company had secured a loan worth almost US $79 million from Bank Mandiri in 2002 to finance its 74-hectare oleochemical plant in Kuala Tandjung, North Sumatra.’



/ˌōlēōˈkemək(ə)l/ /ˌoʊlioʊˈkɛmək(ə)l/