Definition of oleograph in English:



  • A lithographic print textured to resemble an oil painting.

    ‘It also includes a number of oleographs (prints made to resemble oil paintings).’
    • ‘Local art was then being influenced by the lithographs, oleographs and photographs arriving from England.’
    • ‘Naturally, art aficionados and collectors are not far behind: the rush is now on for old cinema posters and stills, as it was, and one supposes still is, for this artist's oleographs and prints.’
    • ‘The size of the prints tended to be smaller than that of the oleographs.’
    • ‘One envisages, basically, a Victorian oleograph; the mild-eyed, haloed and bearded one amidst a trusting, wooly flock which cluster round the holy knees in a sweet and adoring manner.’



/ˈōlēōˌɡraf/ /ˈoʊlioʊˌɡræf/