Definition of oleoresin in English:



  • A natural or artificial mixture of essential oils and a resin, e.g. balsam.

    ‘Because the oleoresin of resin vesicles is a low-viscous liquid, it can be detected by high-resolution C MAS NMR spectra in vivo.’
    • ‘The oleoresins are then converted into a slow-drying natural lacquer, which is used to protect paintings and other works of art.’
    • ‘The Copaifera paupera tree produces an aromatic oleoresin that is made into oil that contains copalic acid and sesquiterpenes with reported anti-inflammatory properties, and is applied topically to herpes blisters.’
    • ‘Value-added items such as curry powder/paste/condiments and spice oils and oleoresins have also shown an increase.’
    • ‘Spices oils and oleoresins contributed to 21 per cent of the total exports.’
    • ‘The impression that spices were usually hot was sought to be changed by using oleoresins to flavour cuisine.’
    • ‘Between 50 and 70 percent of people are sensitive to contact with the oleoresin released from a bruised plant.’
    • ‘Chilli oleoresin is another important export item, earning foreign exchange worth Rs 88 crore every year.’
    • ‘However, ß-thujaplicin is mainly contained in the heartwood oleoresin in some Cupressaceae trees at low levels.’
    • ‘Twenty-six men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer were randomly assigned to receive a tomato oleoresin extract containing 30 mg of lycopene or no supplementation for 3 weeks before radical prostatectomy.’
    • ‘A mature grand fir tree (50 yr old, from the University of Idaho Arboretum, Moscow, ID) was analyzed by a standard protocol to ensure an oleoresin composition within the typical range.’
    • ‘They'll shoot it at the person and it will open up with OC spray, oleoresin which is basically cayenne pepper, very, very strong.’
    • ‘The seeds of P. nigrum are also a source of oil of pepper and oleoresin, used for flavouring sausages, tinned food, and drinks.’
    • ‘In self-defense sprays, oleoresin capsicum (OC, or ‘pepper spray’) still rules.’
    • ‘We have oleoresin pepper sprays that generally do work.’
    • ‘In this product area, tear gas is out and oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray) is in.’
    • ‘Spice oleoresins are the true essence of spices in their most concentrated form and are the most preferred and convenient substitute for raw spices in the processed food industry.’
    • ‘These moderately colored and highly pungent oleoresins are available with color standardized at 2000 to 5000 Standard International Units.’
    • ‘Spice oleoresins represent the complete flavour profile of the spice.’
    • ‘Strobic acid-usually the major resin acid found in the cortical oleoresin of eastern white pine-was positively correlated with the rate and extent of crystallization.’



/ˌōlēōˈrez(ə)n/ /ˌoʊlioʊˈrɛz(ə)n/