Definition of olfactometer in English:



  • An instrument for measuring the intensity of an odor or the sensitivity of someone or something to an odor.

    ‘A device called an olfactometer wafted the odours of each participant towards the mosquitoes.’
    • ‘Each subject was fitted with non-magnetic earphones and a device to deliver smells, called an olfactometer, developed by he and his coauthor, a bioengineering graduate student.’
    • ‘They use an olfactometer, a cage separated by a screen, where mosquitoes are placed on one side and an attractant is pumped through the other, to see if mosquitoes will come to the screen.’
    • ‘Predators were individually introduced into the olfactometer at the starting point on an iron wire, which was positioned in the center of the glass tube.’
    • ‘First, we assessed whether N. cucumeris avoided odors of Orius that had been feeding on different diets, by means of an olfactometer.’
    • ‘Mosquito responses were favorable in the olfactometer, but the human hand still attracted the most.’
    • ‘In Y-tube olfactometer tests, tomato-strain mites showed a preference for tomato (over cucumber), while cucumber-strain mites showed no preference.’



/ˌälfakˈtämədər/ /ˌɑlfækˈtɑmədər/ /ˌōlfakˈtämədər/ /ˌoʊlfækˈtɑmədər/