Definition of oligarchical in English:



See oligarchy

‘It has been dominated by the IMF and the Anglo-Americans, by the English-speaking oligarchical factions, financial oligarchical factions of the world.’
  • ‘The central institution of that oligarchical power, in the continent of Europe, is the central banking system.’
  • ‘Yes, you had right-wing forces, you called them, or the oligarchical or wealthy forces.’
  • ‘So, the intent was, from before the end of World War II, the intent of this circle, in the United States and Britain, was to establish a permanent world empire, of English-speaking power, oligarchical power.’
  • ‘There is a natural-law conception of economics, as opposed to a Venetian-style, oligarchical, financier conception.’
  • ‘The mass media are controlled by a financier oligarchical cabal.’
  • ‘The other system, is the system under which man is subjected to the oligarchical conception, which is what we have today.’
  • ‘This economic boom, however, contained the seeds of the destruction of the oligarchical order.’
  • ‘A retrograde and oligarchical government has just been overthrown by the heroic people of Paris.’
  • ‘Two Acts, in 1856 and 1877, did much to break the oligarchical nature of the government of the university.’
  • ‘But Sparta, the champion of oligarchies, set up an oligarchical regime whenever it took control of a city.’
  • ‘Great Britain was a prime example of the constitutional, representative, oligarchical system.’
  • ‘It is of especially questionable value in today's world, when so many countries are in fact only shell democracies, in which democratic government acts as a cover for oligarchical rule.’
  • ‘‘The Republic’ is nothing but a nightmarish vision of a totalitarian society ruled by an oligarchical elite, devoid of all respect for individual rights and freedom.’
  • ‘In addition, the fewer people involved in making decisions, the more oligarchical and less susceptible to democratic pressures the system becomes.’
  • ‘Despite the personal motives of those that create file-sharing Web sites or of those that consume free music, the fact that their actions offend the oligarchical music industry makes their behaviour political.’
  • ‘The institutions set up to run the common market were exclusively oligarchical; none was elected, and all governed, and still do, in the interests of the world's rich against the interests of the world's poor.’
  • ‘These results, combined with the ever-larger size of enterprises, point toward a greater oligarchical control of both the state and the economy.’
  • ‘Moreover, while some of the enterprises of the old oligarchical families were jeopardized by free trade, their personal fortunes were generally not.’
  • ‘The eighteenth century will for ever be associated with the amusements of a fashionable oligarchical society, represented most notably in the prime of the first of the great spa towns.’



/ˌäliˈɡärkikəl/ /ˌōli-/