Definition of oligo in English:


nounplural noun oligos

short for oligonucleotide
‘The technique utilizes a thermostable DNA ligase to ligate together perfectly adjacent oligos.’
  • ‘All the annealed double stranded oligos were cloned into the StuI site using blunt end ligation.’
  • ‘The sequence of the two nonconserved regions, NC1 and NC2, is shown, with the nucleotide substitutions in mutated oligos shown above the wild-type sequence.’
  • ‘Double-stranded oligos were multimerized using T4 DNA ligase in the presence of XhoI and SalI restriction enzymes to generate tandem arrays.’
  • ‘This problem would be enhanced using arrays composed of long oligonucleotides since only RNAs whose protected regions overlap with the oligo sequence would be identified.’
  • ‘All oligos were obtained from Sigma Genosys (Woodlands, TX) and further purified using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.’
  • ‘Further experiments with small duplex oligos are planned to probe this issue.’
  • ‘Second, a pair of annealed oligos encoding the HA epitope and SV40 nuclear localization sequence was inserted into the BglII site at the beginning of Bye1.’
  • ‘For ACO genes, four degenerate oligos were synthesized on the sequences of three different conserved peptides.’
  • ‘Two independent series of RNA preparations were reverse transcribed using the anchored oligo primer AAGCT 11 A.’
  • ‘The cDNA synthesis was performed at 42° for 30 min using 1 g of total RNA and an oligo primer.’
  • ‘The bottom shows the loading control using the oligo for the 7S RNA, oRP100.’
  • ‘In the third step, an RNA oligo that carries two primer sites is ligated to the decapped mRNA by T4 RNA ligase.’
  • ‘Magnetic beads coated with streptavidin were then added and allowed to interact with the biotin on the oligo (dT).’
  • ‘Two to five hundred nanograms of total RNA were reverse transcribed using Superscript II RNaseH - reverse transcriptase and an anchored oligo primer.’
  • ‘The oligo triggers the actual gene repair process.’
  • ‘These oligos were used with an appropriate upstream oligo to amplify fragments that were subcloned into pSM100 as described above.’
  • ‘Poly (A +) RNA was extracted using oligo cellulose, as described in SAMBROOK et al..’
  • ‘First-strand cDNA was synthesized with an oligo primer from total RNA extracted from scutella of germinating seeds.’
  • ‘The oligo primer was end labeled using T4 polynucleotide kinase.’



/ˈäləɡō/ /ˈɑləɡoʊ/ /ˈōləɡō/ /ˈoʊləɡoʊ/