Definition of oligochaete in English:



  • An annelid worm of the class Oligochaeta, such as an earthworm.

    ‘For example, bacterial endosymbionts as found in the giant vent Pogonophora are also present in many meiofaunal oligochaetes, nematodes and flatworms.’
    • ‘Many polychaetes and oligochaetes, and even a few leeches, are burrowers that constantly rework the sediment through which they burrow; in addition, they may ingest and excrete large quantities of sediments or soils.’
    • ‘Some information has been gathered on the expression of transcription factors associated with segmentation and regeneration in oligochaete annelids.’
    • ‘The littoral zone was dominated by oligochaetes, gastropods, sphaerid clams, and chironomid larvae.’
    • ‘The oligochaetes include earthworms and a group of related, mostly freshwater, species of annelids.’
    • ‘The specimen in the drawing is segmented, which is a diagnostic characteristic of an oligochaete, and it has a long proboscis, an important feature that occurs in members of the genus Stylaria.’
    • ‘Fossil oligochaetes are much rarer, and there are almost no fossil hirudineans known.’
    • ‘The relative arrangements of all 22 genes identified for Helobdella and Galathealinum are identical to one another and to their arrangements in the mtDNA of the previously studied oligochaete annelid Lumbricus.’
    • ‘We thought that leeches were one group and their sister group with the oligochaetes, earthworms and a variety of other aquatic annelids.’
    • ‘On the other hand, such relationships are not observed in groups like oligochaete annelids, moths, spiders or within the few families of beetles that have been studied to date.’
    • ‘Limited support (67% bootstrap support) for hirudineans and oligochaetes, the Clitellata, within polychaetes was also found.’
    • ‘The oligochaete L. terrestris, the only other annelid whose complete mtDNA sequence has been determined, has a somewhat smaller and slightly less A + T-rich mitochondrial genome.’



/ˈäliɡōˌkēt/ /ˈɑlɪɡoʊˌkit/